Register as a Competition Author

By registering as a competition author you confirm that you will be over 18 years of age as of 1 January 2014.

Teams participating in the competition must choose a first author to act on their behalf. This author must be registered as a competition author, and will act as representative of the team in all matters concerning the competition.

One registration per author

An author (or team) may submit more than one lesson. If you are planning to do this, the first author only has to register once. You will, however, need to develop a separate outline for each lesson. This is necessary in order to allocate space on the LearnEO! system for the development and submission of your lesson.

Details of how to develop lesson outlines and how to submit the full lesson will be made available to you, once your registration as an author has been confirmed. Please be aware that this may take a few days after initial registration.

Your e-mail address and any other details you may provide, will be kept in a secure database. From time to time we may use the information you provide for statistical purposes, but we will not use it for anything else without your express consent.

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