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altimetry corrections


global currents

Above are examples of original figures available in editable PDF format. Select the images for larger figures and instructions for downloading the PDF.

altimetry corrections

Altimetry corrections. Download PDF (464 KB). CLOSE AND RETURN

geostrophy diagram

Geostrophic currents. Download PDF (335 KB). CLOSE AND RETURN

surface current map

Global surface currents. Download PDF (9.9 MB). CLOSE AND RETURN

What is the resource library?

The LearnEO! resource library is a collection of background information, analysis tools, illustrations, animations and much else collected from Bilko and LearnEO! lessons. Much of this material is general, and may be of interest also outside the lesson in which it was first developed.

The resource library allows you to find material you can adapt for your own use, for example to develop new tutorials, case studies or lessons. Building on existing resources should reduce the effort involved.

Licensing and copyright

All LearnEO! resources in this library are either public domain or available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.
See licence terms

By making the material freely available, we hope to encourage LearnEO! users to develop and share their own material.

External resources

We also keep information on external resources such as on-line remote sensing courses. Material from external sources are not included in the Creative Commons licence terms that apply to LearnEO! material.



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